Lisa Cashion designed SparkWell Seminars and Microclasses for people who are interested in learning personal skills to apply in their everyday lives.

  •   SparkWell classes and events are informal opportunities to glean strategies -think pro-tips - for facing challenges that are impacting many of us.
  •   Sparking Confidence: the goal of SparkWell is to promote confidence and purpose in your pursuit of personal and relational wellbeing.


New for Summer 2023

After receiving multiple inquiries from college students for coaching this summer, I have created a 5-session coaching micro-class for college students and new grads, to focus on:

  • Stress Management and Relief
  • Decision Making
  • Goal Setting 
  • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory


These micro-classes will be individual sessions modeled after my group seminars and programs. Micro-classes are brief coaching sessions (one hour), strictly oriented toward education and skill-building. 

For more information, use the CONTACT US tab or email [email protected].

Recent Group Micro-classes:

Charlotte, NC

NYC Financial District 

Clemson, SC