Lisa Cashion designed SparkWell Seminars and Microclasses for people who are interested in learning personal skills to apply in their everyday lives.

  •   Sparking Curiosity: SparkWell classes and events are informal opportunities to glean strategies -think pro-tips - for facing challenges that are        impacting many of us.
  •   Sparking Confidence: the goal of SparkWell is to promote confidence and purpose in your pursuit of personal and relational wellbeing.


New for Summer 2024!

Power Up for Mind and Body
Tuesday, June 4
Thrive Carolinas

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After receiving multiple inquiries from college students for coaching this summer, I have created a 5-session coaching micro-class for college students and new grads, to focus on:

  • Stress Management and Relief
  • Decision Making
  • Goal Setting 
  • Myers-Briggs Type Inventory


These micro-classes will be individual sessions modeled after my group seminars and programs. Micro-classes are brief coaching sessions (one hour), strictly oriented toward education and skill-building. 

For more information, use the CONTACT US tab or email [email protected].

Recent Group Micro-classes:

Charlotte, NC

NYC Financial District 

Clemson, SC